I just came back from Scotland today. I had a fantastic experience there, especially with the fantastic landscapes.


I have been in Edinburgh for 2 days. It’s a very lovely city, full
of nature and green space. I explored some natural areas in
Edinburgh such as Holyrood Park, Arthur’s Seat, and Prince Street Gardens and asked people I met there these questions :

How often do you come to green spaces?
Why do you come to green spaces?
What do you feel? Can green spaces reduce your stress?

Most people I interviewed were Scottish. They come to parks quite often in the summer because the weather is nice and it quite easy to access due to there are so many parks in the city. Regarding natural attraction, they come on average once a month. The reasons for coming to the green space are fresh air, enhance their mood, enjoy the views and clear their mind form busy work. They feel relaxed, fresh, recharge and calm. Everybody told me that the park and green space can effectively relieve their stress.

I thought how lucky people here that they had a fantastic nature among constructions in the city. People can go to take a rest after work, don’t need to spend a long journey to take part in nature.
Various kind of green spaces themselves, not just only park, provoke people to spend time there. I wish I could stay here longer. But the big journey still waiting for me on the next day.

Holyrood Park
Arthur’s Seat
Arthur’s Seat
Arthur’s Seat



“Please tell me “It’s not a dream”

I rented a car driving to explore Highland. I fell in love and enjoyed the spectacular views there. The mountains and fields seem infinite. Gigantic loches and spacious clouds blew my mind. I haven’t know why I was so happy and cheerful. I felt like I’m in the painting, not a real world. People I met there were really nice and open. I saw
smiles on everyone’s face 🙂

I had conversations with travelers who I accidentally met there.

  • An old couple that we met at a viewpoint of Ben Nevis. They told me that they drive from Yorkshire twice a year to relish nature here. They are a very lovely couple in my thought. They brought their own chairs and coffee to sit together, have a conversation and enjoy the view. I pretty wondered why they come here that often because I heard that Yorkshire also have a number of nice natural attractions. They told me that Yorkshire is nice but here
    is different. Nature here is abundant. It really fulfills their souls. They can have a real relax and a peaceful time together without worrying about messy surrounding.
  •  A Spanish backpacker who travel here to celebrate his own graduation. I met him when he hitchhiked in the Ben Nevis area.
    He told me this was his first solo travel. I asked him why Highland, he told me he would like to be surrounded by nature to clear his mind and find himself. But that was just his beginning. He told me that sometimes he thought that why he’s there, wet and alone. But at least he enjoyed an amazing view and nature here.
  •  Two London backpackers who hitchhiked at Ise of Skye. They were high school friends who want to adventure and spend time together in the natural places. They said sometimes life in the city is too stressful and complicated. Surrounded by nature can energize and boots their mood. I asked them that if traveling there can reduce their stress. Both of them said, “absolutely yes!”
    Because sight, sound, and scents of trees, grass, flower, and fresh air can make them calm and breezy. Moreover, they also felt more connected with themselves and the people they met.
Ben Nevis: An old couple from Yorkshire
Ben Nevis camping point
Isle of Skye
Loch Morlich

Although many people love living in the city because of the
convenience, they still want the power of nature to restore their spirit and boots their emotions. A lot of people choose to spend money to escape from the city and explore the nature. Why is that? This question provokes me to explore how to improve urban green spaces to attract urban residents and finding the potential to stimulate city dwellers to make the full use of the green spaces in their city in order to enhance their mental well-being and benefit them in another way.

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