Essential oils workshop

Yesterday I missed the tutorial with David because I had already booked the¬†essential oils workshops ūüôĀ¬† Personally, I’m interested in the scent. I also look for a possibility to use a knowledge about the odor that I gain to develop my project.

The first workshop (paid) was in the afternoon. There were around 12 people join that workshop. Emma, the speaker introduced herself and¬†let us introduced ourselves. Then she talked about how to extract essential oil from plants and flowers and how we can use them in our daily life. I got information about the healing power of each scent and¬†how essential oils affect our wellness in everyday life.¬†I had a chance to smell a¬†different kind of essential oils that I’ve never know before. I also have a chance to DIY my own essential oils. But it’s the easy one, just combined the scents that I like together to make my¬†own scent. Emma also taught us how to use essential oils to make natural skin care and cleaning products. From my observation, essential oils are often used in the house. I asked Emma could we use essential oils for outdoor activities. She gave me some example such as bug spray and hand sanitizer. I’m looking for how to use the healing power of essential oils to enhance people’s mood in public space. But there are a lot of factors that I have to concern such as allergy and how to control the odor. I have to do more research and see if I could blend scents in my project.

The second workshop (free) was in the evening. The workshop was at Planet Organic. There were few people attend this workshop.
Carol, the speakers brought her own set of essential oils. She talked about the brand and why this brand was different from others. She let us smell each essential oil and told us about its properties¬†and didn’t forget to tell how great was that brand ūüôĀ At the end of the workshop she asked if someone wanted to buy some product from her. I felt disappointed¬†in this workshop. Actually, it’s not a workshop, it’s like a direct selling. Anyway, I thought at least I gained a little bit knowledge and some strange experience here in London.
Bye bye, free workshop. LOL.

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