Playful Garden

Indirect Sunlight

An immersive sculptural garden installation by Glasgow based artists Laura Aldridge and James Rigler. From 12th July – 23rd September, NOW Gallery populated with a series of playful sculptures, transforming a space into a rural retreat, a space for contemplation away from the hustle and bustle of the capital.

Aldridge and Rigler hope to introduce a sense of wellbeing and discovery by creating both a metaphorical and physical garden that appeals to the senses – the sound of water, the smell of the earth and the rustle of vibrant fabric in the light breeze. The sense of refuge and recovery that embody memorial gardens, romantic landscapes and even the humble allotment will be plentiful within the sculptural language of Indirect Sunlight.


Today I visited this mini-exhibition or an indoor urban garden. This sculptural garden installation quite tempting because of the usage of color and materials that are unlike the ordinary garden.
Unfortunately, I didn’t go there in its workshop time. So I can only walk around and observe this small garden. I like this installation but I didn’t connect to the sensation that much. Anyway, I suppose that this is an interesting platform that can apply to the bigger garden which could touch people feeling more effective.

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